All the latest from Pi NET, LLC
17 Nov 2016

Hi, We have new location available for our services in Nevada, US. New services will be available in new data center. We are planning add more new locations in Netherland & Germany.

3 Nov 2016

Our system now support more 2 new payment gateways. + Skrill, known as moneybookers. A big payment gateways for customer in EU. + 2checkout. Finally, Our customers now can pay directly by their credit/debit card. You can use 2checkout to pay for invoices by all popular card types such as VISA CARD, MASTER CARD,...

29 Aug 2016

Hi all customers, We have completed our network upgrading, All VPS in node USR3 will online very soon. Thank you for your reading and your corporation,

19 Aug 2016

Now, all order will be processed and deliveried in second. Deploy your nodes in second now !

25 Apr 2016

All our nodes are running 100% SSD now, SSD is much more faster than traditional HDD, around 100-200 times,

23 Apr 2016

All VPS will come with 1 free IPv6. You can open support ticket to get more IPv6 and IPv6 is free to use.