As últimas notícias Pi NET, LLC
3 Mar 2019

Hi, We expand our services to Netherlands - Amsterdam. You can now order a service in Amsterdam - Netherlands. The same price with all other data center.

2 Mar 2019

Hi, We completed all maintenance. All our servers back to good condition now.

26 Fev 2019

At this time, we have a problem with our nodes in Germany. We will have replace a new Fan to some servers! Effect IP Ranges: and The problem should be resolved as soon as possible when we complete the replacing new FAN.

3 Sep 2018

Hi, All our server are working properly without any problem now.

6 Ago 2018

At this time, we have problem with hardware in CA_5 Effect IP Ranges:

24 Jul 2018

From now, All new clients of will have to verify their phone number before order/register a new services/products. We will notify our client about this new features via email.

3 Abr 2018

By default, Our system create strong random password for all our clients. You may change your default password, but please use a strong password. Some brute force program can guess your password if you use too easy password such as 123456 or Abcd123,...

17 Mar 2018

Our site: is being DDOS attacked. We are working with our ISP to resolve the problem now.

30 Out 2017

Our system will now work in 2 domains! 1. 2. You can use both domains to access our webpage and portal client area!

29 Out 2017

Our system is now accepting WebMoney as our main payment option! You can pay for your service by using WebMoney!