We have new error with hardware with CA_5

At this time, we have problem with hardware in CA_5
Effect IP Ranges:

6th Aug 2018
We use a new security method to verify all our clients.

From now, All new clients of pivps.com will have to verify their phone number before order/register a new services/products.
We will notify our client about this new features via email.

24th Jul 2018
Do not use easy or guessable password!

By default, Our system create strong random password for all our clients. You may change your default password, but please use a strong password.
Some brute force program can guess your password if you use too easy password such as 123456 or Abcd123,...

3rd Apr 2018
Our website is being attacked now!

Our site: pivps.com is being DDOS attacked.
We are working with our ISP to resolve the problem now.

17th Mar 2018
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