How to reinstall OS of VPS

Please note that:

  • Your VPS will be reinstalled with a new and clean OS.
  • We will reinstall the same OS version with your current VPS. If you want to change the OS, please open a support ticket then we will process manually.
  • You can only reinstall once a day and no more than 4 times within 30 days.

In order to reinstall OS of VPS in, please follow these steps:

1. Login your client area at:
2. Go to Portal Home > Client Area > My Products & Services
3. Chose your active services then click [Active] button. You can find your products/services by using search box in this page.
4. Now, you will see products details page.
5. At the right side bar, you can see the button:

Reinstall OS & Erase All Data

6. Click this button, Our system will start processing your reinstall request.

7. Our system will process the re-installation OS and send new password to your inbox.

After installation is completed, You now can login as root or Administrator account with your new password.

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