How to renew and change the billing cycle of service(s) ? Print

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You can change your billing cycle or renew your service(s) by following these steps:
1. Login your account at:
2. Go to Services -> My Services
You can see list of your services here.
You can search your service by input the Primary IPv4 or Dedicated IPv4 in [Search Term...] box.

3. Click Manage Product button to manage and view your product/service details.
4. At the bottom page, you can see Billing Control Button.

There are 3 buttons:
+ Renew Service: You can renew your service instantly by clicking this button. Our system will create an invoice in your account and you need to pay for this invoice to renew your service.
+ Enable Auto Renewal: Our system will renew your service automatically.
+ Chang Billing Cycle: You can change your Billing Cycle from Monthly (Every month) -> Quarterly (Every 3 months) -> Semi-Annually (Every 6 months) -> Annually (Every 12 months - Save 10%)
After any changes, we will create an invoice for your services, you are required to pay for invoices to complate the action.

If you still have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Best Regards,
PiNET, LLC customer support department.

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